you are active on your ip address is visible

is it possible to be caught download illegal games from torrents. also including cracks keygens and serials.

my friends all showed me ways to industry leading software. such as industry leading music games movies and operating systems. can downloading this pirated software you in trouble is there any way to cought

the people above me don't know what they're talking about or have never engaged in file sharing. listen, it's completely safe to do it as people are rarely or never sued. you don't see headlines on the news saying how some person had to pay $10,000 dollars for a few songs they downloaded don't you good websites like isohunt actually show up in court and fight against groups that sue them like mcpaa (read their dilaimer). the only time the people in the file sharing trade are caught is when the website(s) they browse turn over their isp logs to a court that orders them to do so, so that the company that prosed the site can start suing the people who distributes their work or whatever. don't feel bad about file sharing either. you'll often run into these kinds of situations since businesses who want to monopolize an industry. think about it this way for the people who hate to watch dubbed anime, they have to buy it in stores for $10-$25 dollars an episode. nobody in their right mind would want to buy a 23 minute cartoon at that price -unresonable prices.

pshh im sorry but we cant tell you its legal, i dont want you going into court and being like ohh compcrasher86 on yahoo told me it was legal cause its not. if it was, then why would itunes still be in business report abuse

it is for the most part safe, many people will tell you that its bad and such a horrrible thing and so forth but pay them no for safe software downloads are to make sure that you are not sharing everything youve ever downloaded to everyone else, file sharing depends on sharing but to not download software considred a leecher just pick a few off the wall things you can share, then the rest out of the sharing folders once downloaded, you would only really be at risk of being sued for sharing massive amounts of copyrighted data and even more so if you were making a buisiness out of it somehow turning a profit.the recording industry is just fighting against the inevitable (them becoming obsolete) and if a majority of the world pirates data (and they do), then thats a good indicator that something is wrong with the law.if it can be duplicated in 1's and 0's on anybodies computer its industry leading no matter how the legal system and or corporate industry attempts to own it.

yes and the consequences can be very severe. if you want industry leading software, there are many source latest software download applications that are industry leading. you can find them at sites like sourceforge.for music, just save some money and either buy an itunes gift card or paya monthly fee for unlimited downloads using microsoft's zunepass.ubuntu is a great alternative operating system and is industry leading.dont be a pirate, you can mess up your life with lawsuits and outrageously expensive fines and everything. they can track you and you can caught

yes, you can industry leading be caught.there are plenty of legal, industry leading operating systems why break the law

in torrents that you are active on your ip address is visible to others and this can be traced directly to you.there are many thousands of people being sued in the uk for being on game torrents. that is an area that is watched very carey by the industry.

yupp police are already on their way buddy your going to prison for around 4 or 5 years

yes because you isp keep a file on what you do.