Enjoy my favorite music with perfect sound

Now, we all know that I am very passionate about music. I listen to it pretty much all day everyday.

Since all my earphones end up dying after 2 months, I decided I needed something that was going to last me longer, and I realised that to get this I would have to spend a fair bit of money.

Now I didn't go out and buy dre beats just because of the name, or because everyone else has them or even because I thought they might make me look cool. I went and bought them to enjoy my music, and these headphones allow me to do just that.

What do these headphones bring to the table?

Well, to be quite honest, I only bought these to listen to my music and my music only. But making music audible is not the only thing these stylish headphones can do, oh no; it seems technology even for headphones is evolving greatly.

These headphones have a built in microphone so that you can chat to your friends and family whilst in an online call and it is completely hands free! You can say good-bye to them desk mics now, since all other companies will be looking to do the same as what dre dre beats has, some others may have already done this, I am unsure since technological things aren't really my area of expertise. This built in mic is also compatible with iPhones and iPod touches, which is a bonus in my book since I own both.

I don't use the mic much since I don't like conversing via web chat, I prefer to talk in person because I think I sound like a man through phone and web chat, the joys of hating your own voice, but from the times that I have used it, it worked really well for me!

These headphones, much like Skullcandy's are easy to fold away, and these even come with a case to keep them in, so when you aren't using them you can keep them safe! I personally think this is a great touch, I mean, how many pairs of headphones have you gone through because you dropped them and accidentally stood on them? Or left them on a chair and sat on them? I have done that plenty of times, but then again, I always went for the cheap stuff. However, if those headphones had this design they might have lasted longer.

It's a great little thing and at least this way they don't take up to much space in your bag or have to have them hanging around your neck when you aren't using them.

With these headphones, you get a cleaning cloth. I know crazy right? Well no, this cleaning cloth is actually handy, I don't know if it is just me but the ear cushions get dirty or kind of greasy, I keep this cloth in the case so that I can clean them when I want. Super handy!

These headphones are High Definition; the sound should be immaculate, right? Well, they certainly live up to that title! These headphones make listening to music more enjoyable and not only that; they don't hurt your ears from being too tight around the head.

I have my iPod setting set to bass, I love bass. These headphones make it sound like heaven, I am not joking. They have really set the standard for me, I don't think I could find any better headphones.

We all, however, have that small problem with headphones. When you have them on, someone wants to talk and you can't hear them. It's annoying, I know. But these headphones beats have what is known as control talk. With this you are able to control the music; change the track pause and even adjust the volume, though for me, I prefer to do it 'the old fashioned way' and use the buttons. But I think it's a great idea, but I still don't understand why people talk when they can clearly see you're listening to music...my biggest pet peeve!

people not hear all the music,he said

Dr Dre is a well known artist when it comes to the music business as he has become well known for his gangsta rap and music of the hip hop genre. More recently he has launched his own stlyized range of headphones which are branded under the name of Beats By Dr. Dre. There are currently six versions each of the headphones and earphones.

The ones I have got and will be reviewing will be the monster beats by Dr. Dre Solo Multilingual Headphones which are an over ear style of headphone. There are also in ear versions of these headphones available. I actually got these as a present but they are not cheap and retail for around the £150 mark. They are a bit cheaper than the high definition version which will tend to cost upwards of £200.


These headphones are very sleek and stylish in appearance. They are smaller and lighter in terms of design compared to the more expensive version. They are also easily folded away inwards and can be put away in the carry case that comes with them. The ear cups are also well cushioned. The headphones offer both style and also comfort. The headband over the top is easily adjusted to fit over your head. You have to be slightly careful with this as they are not really sturdy but with a product like this you will tend to be quite careful.

Sound quality

I am not really technically aware to be able to judge sound quality but overall I can say it is very impressive. The cushioned ear parts also ensure that surrounding noise is also mostly eliminated. You can really hear the bass when listening to the music,so sometimes ur are so happy enjoying ur favor music with beats by dre dre.


These headphones dr dre do not come cheap and the price is certainly a major off putting factor. If you are willing to pay the price, then they are a quality product. There are though other cheaper versions available if you cannot get these. I would give these 4/5 stars overall.